Requirement Quality Analysis Within DOORS Next

QVscribe for DOORS Next allows users to perform quality, consistency and similarity analysis from directly within the DOORS Next user interface. This allows authors and stakeholders to reduce errors, improve productivity and reduce overall project costs all managed within your own secure infrastructure.

Review Module Quality

While viewing any module within DOORS Next, QVscribe users can open a summary view that provides a detailed breakdown of the quality of the artifacts within the module. This feature provides users with a way to quickly review and focus in on areas of risk to quickly gauge the health of the module.

Immediate Author Feedback

DOORS Next users can open the QVscribe authoring view to get feedback on the language used within any artifact they are working on. As changes are made to the text within the artifact description, QVscribe automatically reanalyzes the changes providing feedback to authors as they type.

Easy Customization

Users with appropriate permissions can easily customize the triggers and specific artifacts that should and should not be included in the QVscribe analysis, making it simple to manage and maintain various configurations.

How does this work?

QVscribe uses Natural Language Processing to proactively check for best practices identified by associations such as INCOSE and leading industry experts. By automating quality and consistency, QVscribe encourages engineers to be innovative, building complex systems with reduced risk of introducing errors in the later stages of development. Teams can standardize the way requirements are written, so the conversation can be elevated, focusing on what matters, the content.

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