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Podcast: Building Better Systems with Jordan Kyriakidis

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Date: March 9, 2022


Episode length: 50 minutes


In an interview with Shpat Morina and Joey Dodds from Galois, our CEO, Jordan Kyriakidis shares his insights on writing good, early-stage design requirements and the advancements in NLP technology. 

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Here is what Shpat and Joey had to say about the episode:


In episode #18, we chat with Jordan Kyriakidis, co-founder and CEO of QRA Corp. QRA is developing QVScribe, a product that helps engineers write requirements and analyze those requirements to gauge whether they are framed well and capture the writer’s intent. 

We discuss the impact of writing good, early-stage design requirements, how they impact your system, how to write better requirements, the state of natural language processing, and machine learning for this use case. We also talk about applying those in situations where you need explainability and where ambiguity is unacceptable.

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