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Combat Project Risks by Addressing Ambiguity and Uncertainty in Scope: Webinar

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Webinar Length: 58 mins

Illustrate How Ambiguous Requirements Affect Price via an Unintended Risk Premium


Risks and the management thereof are an inevitable part of Project Management. These risks fall into two types: known-knowns, which are made up of what is most likely to happen, best case scenarios, and worst case scenarios. Then there are the unknown-knowns which are the identified risks of the project. Identifying potential risks and their sources early on in the requirements phase can help to avoid project pitfalls. Key sources of risks often come from ambiguity and uncertainty around the scope. 


Join Marc Charbonneau, Jordan Kyriakidis and their guest Gary Cooper to learn how project teams can more clearly define scope, to avoid these uncertainty and risks, and ultimately lead to more successful projects that deliver more affordable solutions that meet end-user needs


What You will Learn in this Webinar


1. How ambiguity and uncertainty introduces risk into a project and directly impacts cost and effort.


2. The challenges associated with capturing context and intent within requirements writing and how to address them.


3. Best practices for comparing the quality and consistency of engineering requirements against recognized industry standards.


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